SHAD works with Canada’s brightest youth, opening their minds and broadening their perspectives. One way SHAD accomplishes this is by introducing exceptional students to the workplace, with the support of Canada’s leading companies.


Organizations see SHAD internships as a chance to engage their team to mentor the next generation of change makers and leaders, and give youth insight into future education and careers. For many SHAD August interns, it’s their first experience in the professional world, and an opportunity to build their networks, and their resumes. For organizations, it’s an opportunity to engage their outstanding team members as mentors, while building a reputation as an employer of choice with the talented workforce of tomorrow. 


SHAD facilitates two types of internships:

  1. Volunteer internships for current-year participants in August, following their SHAD campus experience

  2. Paid internships for SHAD alumni in university, usually 4 months from May-August to correspond with the summer term

A company can participate in either the August or the Alumni internship program or both. There is no limit to the number of SHAD interns a company can host. To find out more about SHAD internships, please contact us.


Hear from Hatch, a SHAD champion on why they continue to be involved in the August Internship Program. 





The August internship program is for high school students who have just completed the SHAD program and is typically 4-6 weeks in duration. SHAD works with the supporter company to move through the hiring process, and encourages students and internship supervisors to provide a written evaluation at the conclusion of the experience. These internships are volunteer placements.


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February-May – company determines how many students, what roles, supervisors, location of work-term, student interests or skills.

March-June – company receives a shortlist of students and resumes for consideration; interviews and hiring take place.  Ideally the hiring will be completed at the end of June before the student leaves for the SHAD program.




The alumni internship program is a linking service between some of our highest-performing alumni and our supporter companies as a complement to summer and co-op recruitment efforts. It’s also a great way to fill summer and co-op positions quickly and easily, with SHAD’s help. We can either provide you with resumes of interest, or direct students to apply for a position through your on-line system and we’ll work together to make sure you can easily identify the SHAD students applying through this process. These internships are paid.

January – company to indicate interest in the program.
February-March – company to determine the work term positions, locations, number of students needed.
March-April – company will receive resumes for consideration, conduct interviews, hiring.