The 2017 SHAD program will run from July 2 - 28.


Parents today recognize that the world their high school-age children are entering is increasingly competitive, both for attaining a quality education and for career and entrepreneurship options following graduation. How can the very brightest students differentiate themselves further, develop the confidence to move forward, and achieve their dreams?


The SHAD program, hosted at university campuses across Canada each July, provides the opportunity for exceptional students to realize that bright future. The program features science, technology, engineering and math focused lectures, seminars and workshops, as well as team-building exercises and recreational activities.

Students also have the opportunity to simulate a startup venture, working on teams to experience development of business and marketing plans and bringing an idea to the prototype stage. Some students follow the one-month program with a volunteer internship at an organization to gain more real-world experience, courtesy of SHAD supporters.




Watch this video to hear from other parents about this once in a lifetime opportunity.



Students looking to augment their high school experience with challenging, educationally-rich programs and support, come together in a setting that provides the enhanced program and the community they need to set aspirational goals, gain confidence, and find their own Uncommon Purpose. The SHAD experience also opens doors on university applications and resumes, and SHADs can apply for exclusive scholarships, leverage reference letters from SHAD, and join campus clubs in university.


There are more than 15,500 SHADs who have benefitted from the SHAD program since 1980. For an appreciation of alumni accomplishments, click here. Will your son or daughter be among our next group of 700 SHADs, preparing to do great things?

SHAD Applicants


The SHAD program is designed for senior high school students (completing Grade 10, 11 or 12; Quebec Secondaire IV, V and CEGEP I; or equivalent international qualifications). The application deadline for the program is in late November. The selection process is competitive, taking into consideration both academic results and extra-curricular participation. SHAD is looking for students who are well-rounded, emerging leaders who demonstrate initiative, creativity and entrepreneurial flair. They are leaders in their schools, volunteers in their communities, and are often gifted musicians, artists and athletes.


All students are welcome to apply and there is no limit to the number of students accepted to the program from any school, school board or region.


For more information on applying, click here to access a brochure (PDF, 7M) or contact SHAD at

Fees & Financial Support


An investment in SHAD is an investment in the future of today’s young people. There is no fee associated with the application process. No student should hesitate to apply based on financial constraints; once their application is successful, SHAD will work with the student and his or her family to facilitate participation. Click here for details on the program fee and financial support.

More information

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