Two SHAD Fellows, Aoife Pucchio and Devanshi Shukla, have received $7,000 Manning Young Canadian Innovation Awards – an accolade that recognizes outstanding, self-nominated innovation projects, selected on the basis of ingenuity, originality, development and potential social and economic benefits.


Since the inception of the Young Canadian Innovator Program in 1992, over 15% of all winners have been SHAD Fellows.


Aoife Pucchio, SHAD Fellow 2016, fueled by her passion for the environment, developed a prototype process to reduce landfill size and content. She learned that Styrofoam accounts for approximately 30% of all landfill content with a less than 1% recycle rate. Her solution?  She discovered that d-Limonene, an oil extracted from the rinds of citrus fruit dissolved 46 litres of Styrofoam into one litre of highly reusable, readily available plastic, thereby reducing the number of trucks needed to transport the waste from 131 to 4, reducing CO2 emissions from 32T to 1T


Devanshi Shukla, SHAD Fellow 2014, tackled food poisoning due to fungal contamination by focusing on detection even before visible signs are present. She discovered that microbes release a unique chemical, p-cymene, and bioengineered a form of bacteria that can identify even trace levels in contaminated food, before it becomes a health risk.


In total, 16 SHAD Fellows have received the Manning Young Canadian Innovation Award speaking to the great impact SHAD has on the Canadian innovation ecosystem. This notion was recently echoed by the Canada West Foundation, who cited the work of SHAD as a leading contributor to the solution of Canada’s current innovation crisis. SHAD was noted for the high value of starting entrepreneurial education early with youth, leading to our next generation of innovators.